Who said there is no colour in the bush?

52 rolls

Early in September the wildflowers start to blossom at Barren Grounds Nature Reserve. It is a windswept plateau covered in dense thickets, but in spring comes alive with colour and bird life. On the day we were there it was overcast with occasional showers passing through. The only others around, apart from us taking photographs, were a few birdwatchers.

An elderly gent, in a couple passing by, seeing me taking photographs with my pinhole called out jovially from a distance, “Who said there is no colour in the bush?”

To which I agreed, “…because otherwise everyone would be here!”Sept 2014 Holga120WPC Ektar100 TetanalC41 2

Sept 2014 Holga120WPC Ektar100 TetanalC41 3Sept 2014 Holga120WPC Ektar100 TetanalC41 5Sept 2014 Holga120WPC Ektar100 TetanalC41 6Sept 2014 Holga120WPC Ektar100 TetanalC41 8Sept 2014 Holga120WPC Ektar100 TetanalC41 7

Taken with Holga-120WPC on Kodak Ektar 100 and developed in Tetanal C41 two bath rapid kit.

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