Reflections on the wreck of St Martin de Porres

52 rolls

Feb 2014 Toyo Fomopan Xtol(1.2)Adonal(1.200) 5

The sea is a perilous place, and far more so for refugees drowning off Australian territories or turned away, by a callous government and navy that seems to have lost sight of humanity.

This country is founded on migration by sea, but refugees from post-colonial conflicts, or, wars of attrition where this nation has sent troops have been unwelcome. Clearly there is something wrong in the perception of a government, and nation, that can be so easily moved by bigotry as an organising principle in politics to reject refugees on the basis of colour, culture or religion. Historically there was the “white Australia” policy and threat of the “yellow peril” from the north, then the fear of refugees from Southeast Asian wars, and now Tamils, Afghans, Iraquis, Syranians, Sudanese and many others are dealt with suspicion. The logic of calling a refugee illegal eludes me. It is if by using…

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