Pour la science, or going bionic

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Nuclear radiation and public safety is a serious matter. I oppose the development of nuclear reactors in Australia, and, protested against French nuclear testing at Muraroa Atoll in the the South Pacific. Exploding nuclear weapons by “Superpowers” in atmospheric testing meant harmful radiation was carried on the winds and probably entered the food chain. Some reports indicate that atmospheric testing was accompanied by spikes in thyroid cancers. The disaster at Chernobyl, the failure to quickly evacuate, and letting children drink contaminated milk meant mass exposure to Iodine-131 (I-131), and increased incidence of thyroid cancer. Fukushima is still of great concern. Nuclear power does not produce green energy. It is ironic then, that I-131 is also used in the treatment of thyroid cancer.

Last week I spent several days in Wollongong Hospital where I was given a capsule containing I-131 for ablation of any thyroid cells that may have remained after…

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