Kodalith horse play

52 rolls

A good photography friend, Dave Schofield from the UK, sent me a recovery pack of a couple of rolls of film to cheer me up after I had several operations last year. Included in the parcel was a roll of Kodalith Ortho which he recommended I shoot at 12 ASA. Although the lowest ASA setting on my Olympus OM-1 is 25, I believe 12 ASA was achieved by deliberately shooting in the negative zone of the camera’s light meter.

After loading the film, my wife Melody unexpectedly asked if I would take photographs, of her and the horses. Spirit was going to be ridden for his first time, and Ahrend (Ahri) was to have his first full ride with with bit and bridle rather than just a halter. It was only when I came to develop the film, did I become cognoscent of the problem I had created for myself…

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