May the lens be with you

52 rolls

There is something deeply troubling about the lens. The mind can bring to our observations of reality, feelings of doubt, and deeply troubling moments of existential angst, when our experience and circumstances, project themselves onto the ground glass socio-historico-panoroma which focuses our being. In the absence of critical analysis, self criticism or even contemplation, a photographic project might simply become the process of taking photo upon photo, image upon image, topography upon new topography, searching for the captured moment when reality is transported with transcendent magic, when ugly can be beautiful, consciences are pricked, or serenity is found in stillness from a photograph.

Before one arrives at such underlying philosophical issues, although there is no reason that one should, the problems of technique must be confronted, surveyed and journeyed: choice of film, developer and myriad articulations of light calculations to predetermine tonality in the negative. Which lens to select, should…

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