52 rolls

Machines have a presence reminding us of our fears. Machines too can bring pleasure, or pain. Machines can make work and life easier. Machines can be tiny, or overwhelm with their physicality. Machines can be simple or complex. Machines can be sterile and clean. Machines can be dirty or gritty. Machines have brought ages of revolutions: industrial and information. Machines are changing our world. Machines have made our world faster and smaller. Machines sometimes describe organisations striving to achieve social, cultural or political ends. Machines can seem ruthlessly efficient. Machines are by design. Machines can be alienating. Machines can appear on our mental horizons to trouble the mind, or awaken spirits. Machines require energy. Some machines appear to have ghosts. Would we be lost without machines?


The ancient Romans described the deus ex machina, as the “god from the machine”. It was a device, both figurative and literal to…

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