Testing times

52 rolls

During the last week I read about two solution compensatory development for negatives using HC-110, and determined to use this method on a roll of Kodak TMax 400 taken with my Olympus OM-1 whilst I was in hospital.


Two solution compensatory development is intended to reduce high contrast and soften the look of harsh negatives. I visualise hospitals as high contrast environments due to lighting, an over emphasis on pale colour, and use of reflective surface materials.


Not having HC-110 at hand, I determined that I would use Adonal to achieve the desired effect, and mixed two solutions. The first solution was 1:25 and the second 1:500.


The film was first pre-soaked for a minute, then the first solution (1:25) was added to the tank and agitated by slow inversions for 45 seconds. It was left to stand for another 45 seconds after tapping the edge of the tank, and…

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