Hemispheres and Realaties ~ Olympus Chrome Six RIIB

52 rolls


How does one describe perfection? The Olympus Chrome Six RIIB poses such a problem. Sure, it has foibles, a tricky winding mechanism and uncoupled rangefinder, but since buying it online from Japan I carry it everywhere, loaded usually with Reala or Ektar. Its rangefinder is accurate, and translating distances onto the lens for focussing is easy. Unlike other folding Chrome Six cameras made by Olympus, this, the last in the series came with a Zuiko F.C. f/2.8 75mm lens, instead of the f/3.5 75mm lens used on other models. The letters F.C. Stand for fully coated (not football club, although I am definitely within tribe Olympus!).

Perfection is found in the colour rendition and sharpness of images taken through this lens. The Zuiko lens on this camera has four elements in three groups of the Tessar type and some sources regard it equal to the Zeiss Biotar. Sharpness is aided…

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