Echt large format with Ektar

52 rolls

I have always liked that the word echt in Dutch (or German, and pronounced ekt) signifies something that is authentic or real. This signification arguably carries over to Kodak Ektar if one is interested in semiotics. Ektar is a brand that Kodak uses today for a type of colour negative film, but which it had previously used to designate a high quality lens used on large format cameras during the 20th Century.

Over the past few days I have taken some photos with my Toyo 45CF large format camera using Kodak Ektar 100 4×5 inch sheet film. This film gives a photographic colour rendition of subjects that is quite spectacular when it includes water or seascapes. It is well known that Ektar will give a wonderful reproduction of red tones in rocks, but I particularly like the blues and green hues reproduced in water in bright sunlight or at sunset…

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