Baby Box Brownie on Bluefire Murano 160

52 rolls

A few weeks ago I received an enquiry if I would like a 1934 Baby Box Brownie. A local villager had read an article in the regional newspaper about my camera collecting earlier this year. I had found a Ferrania Euralux with a roll of film inside. I had developed the film, and some of the pictures had been printed in the newspaper in a search for the original owner.


I of course was delighted to receive the camera and loaded it with a roll of size 127 Bluefire Murano which I had been keeping for a special occasion. A new camera seemed to be just such an event.


After taking photos at Port Kembla of the breakwater, steel works and copper smelter stack which is slated controversially to be felled, I developed the film in Tetanal (C41). The negatives are incredibly sharp, but there is some vignetting and loss…

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