Large format black & white in USA

52 rolls

Trekking with a large format camera is a passion for many photographers wanting thecapture the landscape in its fullness. Yet, to my mind photographing the landscape of North America from the deserts and mesas, to the mountains and forests, is more than a dream, but a desire I know I must continue to fulfil. It is a landscape of mystery and myths. A place where ancient peoples past built dwellings in alcoves, and recent settlers abandon buildings for modernity. A place of deep hidden canyons, caverns and waterfalls carried by rivers descending from high mountains and on through deserts to the sea.

Whilst in the USA I took large format photographs in black & white with TMax100 and developed them at home in D76. My camera is a Toyo 45CF Field Camera and I use Nikkor lenses. Sadly, Homeland Security managed to damage a pack of film, so 25 other…

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