Escalante Canyon and Death Hollow on Portra 160

52 rolls

Whilst trekking in the Box-Death Hollow Wilderness between Escalante and Boulder during May, I carried my Olympus OM-1 and Toyo 45CF Field Camera, numerous lenses and film. For the Olympus during this 4 day trek I carried 5 rolls each of Portra160 and Ektar 100. For the large format camera I used Velvia 100, TMax 100 and a few sheets of Aerochrome.

Over the four days of the trek down the Escalante and into Death Hollow, I used most of the Portra and some Ektar, whilst taking 35mm photos. Portra160 I reasoned would hold the colours of the canyons, whilst giving me some flexibility with shadow and/or bright light. The film was developed using the Tetanal C41 Two Bath Kit.

As I am not quite back on my feet again, this week’s post is a selection of Portra photos taken in the Utah wilderness of the Escalante Canyon and Death…

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