Dancing with the devil

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The rise of photographic modernism in opposition to pictorialism espoused an aesthetic of precisely exposed images of natural forms and found objects. But what if one wanted to experiment with art…

July 2013 YashicaA ACROS Adonal 88hrs 1 William Mortensen, a celebrated photographer and Hollywood pictorialist, was described variously as “the Anti-Christ” and “the devil” by Ansel Adams and the new generation of pure photographers. “All regarded  him as “the enemy” of straight photography.  Mortensen’s photographs were highly manipulated, often worked over with razor blade and carbon pencil.” Yet on the other hand, Mortensen was prepared to experiment with light, and work with the negative in unusual and alternative ways. If this photographer was practicing today, would his art be considered to be alternative or even lomographic?

It is almost impossible not to to research alternative, and experimental photographic methods without being confronted by Mortensen, in particular stand development.

July 2013 YashicaA ACROS Adonal 88hrs 5

Stand development or the extreme minimalist agitation method…

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