Wild weather

52 rolls

June 2013 OM-1 TMax100 8For seven days and nights the heavens opened with torrential winter rain. Yesterday the wild weather started to clear, but the evidence of nature at work shaping the world was ever present.

June 2013 OM-1 TMax100 11Illuminated clouds highlight distant moving squalls.

June 2013 OM-1 TMax100 18Pounding surf leave trails of spray to be carried on the wind.

June 2013 OM-1 TMax100 19The sea claims the dunes…

June 2013 OM-1 TMax100 14…leaving only roots, where there were once grasses.

June 2013 OM-1 TMax100 15Across the Heads of the Shoalhaven River, a week ago were high sand dunes barring the mouth to the sea. With dams full, the river has surged through to the sea, pushing aside dunes, grasses and trees.

June 2013 OM-1 TMax100 20For the first time in a generation the river has broken through meeting the sea at its head.

June 2013 OM-1 TMax100 22All that remains are pieces of tree that have not yet washed away.

June 2013 OM-1 TMax100 23Taken with Olympus OM-1 on Kodak TMax 100 and stand developed in Adonal (1:100).

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