Cattle call

52 rolls

USA 2013 XA-2 TMax 100 23There is something to be said for prowling with the cattle in and around small town America. Sure, the coyotes might be howling, the cowboys might be browned like fairies from hanging around the prairies, and the mesas might look like bubble wrap, but the countryside still has its own call.

USA 2013 XA-2 TMax 100 24Wouldn’t it be just right to hear the cowboys yodelling across the range, through the fences and waking the ducks on the weirs.USA 2013 XA-2 TMax 100 22

USA 2013 XA-2 TMax 100 27Up on main street early in the morning everything is dead. The window and doors are boarded over. Beauty has gone west with the sun. The hombres from shut down cantinas have ridden out of town.

Some small towns thankfully find prosperity, whilst others seem to just endure. Hopefully when the night winds start to blow, the sound of the the lonely cattle call will still float in from across the prairie.

USA 2013 XA-2 TMax 100 31Taken with Olympus XA-2…

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