Point Perpendicular Lighthouse

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By chance I learnt that Point Perpendicular Lighthouse would be open for visitors on August 15 to celebrate International Light & Lightships Weekend.

The lighthouse was decommissioned in 1993 and replaced by an automated, solar powered light, on a steel lattice tower. The new light has none of the beauty or romance of the original lighthouse, which sits high atop the massive sandstone cliffs of Point Perpendicular, on the northern headland at the entrance to Jervis Bay. Every year on International Light & Lightships Weekend the original lighthouse is re-lit and becomes operational again.

Adjacent to the lighthouse is a row of houses where the keepers once lived. The nearby coastline is treacherous and was known as the wreck coast. It must have been a lonely and perilous life for those living atop these cliffs manning the light through long nights, ensuring it always shone for ships out to…

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Port Kembla and Bombo

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For some time now I have had my eye on the Skink Pinhole Kit for Copal #0 shutter, so finally purchased one and it arrived last Friday.

I installed the 0.4mm f.214 pinhole in a #0 shutter. This had previously housed an older 90mm Schneider Linhof Angulon from which I had carefully removed and packed away the lens elements. The shutter was then mounted on a lens board for use with my Chamonix 045F1 View Camera. Having a pinhole mounted in this way means that I can also use my large format camera for lensless photography, along with multiple film options including sheet, roll, and instant.

With sheet film loaded ready to shoot, I went to Hill 60 near Port Kembla where I made a number of images with shutter speeds of around 9 seconds. Fomapan 100 needs fairly long exposure times to avoid reciprocity failure.

The imaginatively named Hill…

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Farewell Zim

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This morning our much loved Arabian horse, Zim, left for The Great Herd in the Sky. His timing was impeccable. It was a Blue Moon in the sign of Aquarius, and from the time it rose last night to its setting at dawn today on Horses’ Birthday, it was exactly 13 hours.

Strong winds blew up after he was buried deep in his paddock to carry him on the way. His paddock mates stood on the mound, and then galloped around a last time for him. They know he is gone.

Zim came to us around 10 years ago from drought stricken Molong, on the other side of the Great Dividing Range, to the green grass of the Illawarra. I had been returning from a conference in Perth, and was talking to my friend Kerry on the flight about horses. On mentioning that we were searching for a horse for…

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Homebrew test – paRodinal 1:25

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Sitting in a 6×9 film holder for several months has been a roll of Kodak TMax 400 that I started, but never completed in my Chamonix.

On Sunday I determined to finish the film for testing with my home brew paRodinal at a dilution of 1:25. If the resulting negatives were satisfactory, I planned to use the paRodinal mixed with Xtol to develop some 4×5 sheets.

Forgetting that it was 400ASA film, I metered at 100ASA for the six exposures I took in the garden, and subsequently adjusted for this in development.

Firstly, I took 3 photos of a ripe seville orange with a Kodak Ektar 203mm f/7.7 lens, at 1/50th sec & f/7.7, 1/25th sec & f/11 and 1/10th sec & f16. The last shot (not included here) proved the shutter needs servicing, and the second shot is slightly blurred on the edges under magnification by a sudden breeze…

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One day when I’m cold, there will be snow on the ground;
If winter lies across the land, with a warm heart
Remember me.

Don’t be sad when I’m gone; wish for snow all around,
For freezing streams, clear skies, and kangaroo tracks
Leading to tall trees.

Wish for snow Wish for snow

Trees near Bowral Trees near Bowral

Bendooley vines Bendooley vines

Wintry paddocks Wintry paddocks

Kangaroo tracks at the cattle press Kangaroo tracks at the cattle press

It has been an unusually cold winter with snow falling across the highlands down to 700 metres around Sydney, and the nearby Illawarra. It provided me with an opportunity to practice my zone placement skills using snow. These photos were taken around Bowral, Berrima and Joadja using my Chamonix 045F1 view camera, with Rodenstock Apo-Sironar-S 150mm lens, on Fomapan 100 film, and developed in PyrocatHD(1.1.100).

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…you say you want silence, I feel numb within

…you say it is critical, I frame it deep within

…you say you want to see, I am crying within

Light and shade
…you say it is moody, I say it is charted within

…you say you know cancer, I wonder where it ends

Silence Silence

Posts Posts

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Light and shade Light and shade

Stages Stages

The last week has been pretty awful treatment wise: I was warned it would be hard, but know it will get better. Awareness doesn’t make it any easier. These images were made last week when I was feeling very low, and seemed to encapsulate where I was at the time, physically and emotionally.

Taken around sunset on Lake Illawarra at Windang using my Chamonix 045F1, with Rodenstock Apo-Sironar-S 150mm, on Fomapan 100, and developed in Pyrocat HD.

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Winter time

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With every new day, the sun moves south again.
With each wave, there is a cold cascade.
On every tide, rocks can break.

With every leaf, trees welcome break of day.
With each year, winds bend and shape.
And after life passes, presence fades.

With every new day With every new day

With each wave With each wave

On every tide On every tide

With every leaf With every leaf

With every year With each year

After life passes And after life passes

All photos taken with Chamonix 045F1 View Camera, with either Rodenstock Apo-Sironar-S 150mm or Goerz Dagor 10 3/4″ lens. Except for the second photo which was taken on Fomapan 100 and developed in Xtol, all other were taken using TMax 400 and developed in D76.

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