Woods and beach

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The sky was clear when we left the beach near Red Point taking the trail through the woods to Hare Point and Carama Inlet. Walking through woodlands parallel to the beach we were out of the breeze, and could enjoy the first of the wattle scattered near stands of young banksias and gum trees.

Arriving at Carama Inlet at low tide we walked over strap weed mounds piled high by wind and waves on the beach. The rocks were covered in unopened oysters. A testament to the quiet isolation of this hidden corner of Jervis Bay. Coming around the corner onto Hare Point the full force of the strengthening gale coming across the bay hit us. To the south rain squalls were visible over Point Perpendicular, and a storm front extending across to distant Pigeon House Mountain.

It was going to be a long walk into the wind, face down…

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Infrared in the rainforest

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Deep beneath the Illawarra escarpment, where the Macquarie Rivulet exits the rainforest into farmland, is a world of tall trees, vines, fallen logs with mosses, and boulders covered in lichens. It is place where the sun barely penetrates onto the forest floor in winter, always feels damp and smells of decay. Typically, the sort of environment where the camera viewfinder, or ground glass will fog up because of humidity and condensation.

I decided this might be the place to take roll of expired Aerochrome in my Olympus OM-1 with G. Zuiko 50mm f/1.4 lens. For a filter I had recently purchased a Soviet Y12 filter by LZOS, and also had 12mm extension tube in my pocket in case there were some macro opportunities. Many of the images were exposed hand held using a shutter speed of around 1/15s and fairly wide apertures due to poor light. I always find it…

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Around the old light at Belmore Basin – Kine Exacta

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Exacta  8I bought this marvellous camera about two years ago. It is far from being in mint condition, but still works beautifully. Sometimes provenance can be more important that looks.

The Kine Exakta is regarded as being one of the world’s first SLR cameras, and this variant spelt with a “c” was probably exported to the USA. It was designed to use 35mm film that had become standard in the cinema, hence the name Kine. It was manufactured by the legendary Ihagee camera company in Dresden, which was largely destroyed during World War II.

Mine is an early postwar version of the camera. The differences between it and the prewar models are fairly minor. The lens is a f/3.5 50mm Tessar lens manufactured by Carl Zeiss in Jena. The red T indicates that it was coated. The focusing distances on the lens are measured in feet.

July 2014 HolgaWPC Pyrocat(stand) 1July 2014 HolgaWPC Pyrocat(stand) 2July 2014 HolgaWPC Pyrocat(stand) 3July 2014 HolgaWPC Pyrocat(stand) 5July 2014 HolgaWPC Pyrocat(stand) 6July 2014 HolgaWPC Pyrocat(stand) 7July 2014 HolgaWPC Pyrocat(stand) 8July 2014 HolgaWPC Pyrocat(stand) 10All photos were taken around…

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Trees can be vertiginous reaching straight up to sky, although some have limbs that are twisted and seem to wave instead. There are trees that have bark which is thick and hard, whilst others have thin mottled skins that flakes off. Grass trees on the other hand really have no bark at all.

June 2014 LC-A Velvia50 TetanalC41 4June 2014 LC-A Velvia50 TetanalC41 10June 2014 LC-A Velvia50 TetanalC41 14June 2014 LC-A Velvia50 TetanalC41 15June 2014 LC-A Velvia50 TetanalC41 16June 2014 LC-A Velvia50 TetanalC41 18June 2014 LC-A Velvia50 TetanalC41 37

June 2014 LC-A Velvia50 TetanalC41 20Trees are usually about us but I bemoan neighbourhoods without them. Those places are like prisons, whereas I can think of nothing better than heading off for a walk through the trees. There is always something worth seeing – oh yeah…and then there is the destination too.

June 2014 LC-A Velvia50 TetanalC41 25

Taken with Lomo LC-A in and around Morton National on Velvia 50, which was crossprocessed in Tetanal C41 Two Bath Rapid Kit.

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Don’t move!

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Invariably, there is a film that has been sitting in the fridge for a while needing a camera to roll in.

It could be treasured a bit longer, left in that dark trove and not moved, but the world has called. Somehow it seems like the perfect film for pinhole, with its fine grain, high contrast, colour saturation, and even suits a little xpro. So into the Holga WPC a very expired roll of Fujichrome T64 was loaded, then shot.

Although landscape has its challenges, photographing a horse feeding at sunset using a pinhole camera with exposures of around a minute has its own reward. Sure, one can sit patiently in deep contemplation for 14 minutes by a creek in a rainforest waiting for an exposure to run down, but with a horse there is a vicarious thrill. If it is hungry, it will ignore you, and the cable release…

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Winter solstice

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Painfully, I have become occasionally obsessed with mapping the spatial relationship of places to astronomical phenomena. The ephemeris is the perfect device for me. It allows me to determine when, and where, to position myself within a landscape to optimise the necessary impact of celestial events. In my imagination, I search for landmarks and aspects, that might bring me closer to understanding the land, its seasons, and hopes of dreamed journeys to the future from the past.

For the winter solstice, on the eve of our longest night, the heavenly orb set between the outstretched arms of Honeymoon Bay. This lunar cycle began with a rare full moon known as the honeymoon. As the sun dropped beneath the clouds, it seemed there was an elephant to be seen illuminated among them, trumpeting the start of longer days. Who knows, perhaps it is Ganesh to enrich us, or simply an elephant…

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In the late afternoon light

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The Shoalhaven River descends from headwaters in high granite country, wending its way through the deep wilderness sandstone gorges it has cut, before leaving the escarpment to reach its floodplain and the sea. Not far from exiting its lower gorge, the river passes through Coolendel, beneath the Bugong Plateau. Here Bugong Creek joins the main river after descending through dark rainforests. Not far upstream, the Kangaroo River and its Valley of the same name joins the Shoalhaven Gorge – one of only seven totally enclosed valleys in the world.

During the afternoon we had been loitering in the rainforest along Bugong Creek. Above one pool, was a seemingly anthropomorphic old tree, that appeared to have the torso and legs of animal, sitting, waiting, on a rock. Leaving the rainforest for the plateau, Melody and I, reached the outlook above Coolendel not long before sundown. In the rainforest I had seen…

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